Minimalism Make You Agile

My journey to live with a smaller footprint has been amazing. It seemed daunting at first, but I can’t remember half of the things I’ve recycled, given away, or sold. The fact that I can’t remember is a testament to how valuable these items were in my life.

Onto the main point of this post: agility. Having less stuff makes being mobile a lot easier. Whether this be taking a last minute trip, moving, or changing jobs, having less stuff holding you back is hugely beneficial. I recently was assigned to work out of a client office and realized I was tied down to my home office. I had some plants, notebooks and such that tied me mentally to that space. I’ve moved the plants back to my apartment, ditched the notebooks in favour of taking notes on my mobile phone, and generally made myself more agile.

Continued progress towards living more minimally will make me more agile should new career opportunities arise. I could safely move with about a weeks notice now. I’d like to be at a point where I could get up and moving in about 3 days. It’s an interesting challenge to try and meet and a good reminder not to get comfortable.



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