Technology to Support Simple Living

I frequently browser /r/simpleliving and I think a lot of times people miss the point. There is this idea that you have to drop everything and revert to the stone age in order to live a simpler life. I truly think that doing so is a step in the wrong direction.

Many modern technologies give you the tools to make your life simpler. Here are spme examples:

A Library Card: Get a library card and borrow books instead of buying them. Borrow eBooks and load them onto an eReader. Borrow DVDs instead of buying them or pirating. Use library internet instead of paying for a connection at home. Your taxes pay for this so take advantage.

The Internet: Manage your finances using online spreadsheets like Google Docs; don’t bother buying a business suite. Do you banking online, why bother trudging to a bank to move money around. Use the internet as a research tool to learn more rather than enrolling in a course. All of these things and so much more are available for free at your leisure.

A laptop: Don’t buy a TV, watch things on your laptop. Modern laptops are nearly as good as a desktop, you probably don’t need a desktop and all of the peripherals that go with it. Get a normal cellphone and use video conferencing on your laptop to keep in touch. A laptop is versatile; don’t buy a million internet enabled devices to feed every perceived need.

A Smartphone: Maybe you don’t need a full sized computer (I do) and a large screen smartphone will feed your need. Use apps to help rather than distract. Keep your apps limited to what is necessary; don’t download everything on the market. Social media apps are typically bad. I keep messenger and snapchat to keep in touch with people, nothing more. Additionally, don’t buy a top of the line phone; get a robust off brand model to save your hard earned dollars. A smartphone with a good camera is also a benefit, you won’t need another camera and you can collect pictures instead of things.

Apps: Tinyscanner is a great replacement for a scanner. I use Trello to keep notes (and I can access it from anywhere). Google Maps so you don’t need a physical map everywhere you go. Carrot Rewards as a step counter with free Aeroplan rewards to boot! As I said before, don’t download what you do-not-need.

IOT Devices: Find Internet of Things devices to help you reduce your impact. The only one I would use would be a smart thermostat to help reduce my power bill. Find things that fit your needs and don’t go overboard.

Things you probably don’t need: A smartwatch, A TV, Multiple Computers

See how technology can HELP you with what you need, rather than adding more to your life. Buy used tech if you need something for a short time. A used eReader is half-price and is much more expendable as a result.

Keep it simple, smartie.



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