Eliminate Your Bad Habits

I’m going to preface this by saying that I haven’t conquered all of my bad habits yet and I’m still a work in progress. However, I have a clear picture of where I want to be, and why I want to get there.

As a fairly social person, I used to go out a lot more than I probably should. Go out for lunches, dinners, clubbing, to bars, and more. Now I allow myself to try new things but I’ve cut drinking, most lunches, and dinners out of my day to day. Lunch is a relatively in expensive venture so I allow myself all you can eat sushi, Japanese ramen, and all you can eat Korean barbecue once a month. These are all cheap, delicious meals that I can’t make at home (yet!). These lunches serve as face time with my friends which is the most important thing for me.

I’ll have friends over for a homemade dinner, coffee, and homemade cider and beer. It is a great way to connect with friends and show them that my life isn’t boring after giving up the previously mentioned things. I still make it out to bars as well, sometimes for happy hour drinks or I grab a ginger ale as a treat.

Eliminating your bad habits saves you money, and helps harden your resolve and remind you of your goal. Here are some things that you may want to give up in part or in full:

  • Drugs – Adrenaline, Dopamine and Serotonin are free, you just have to earn them
  • Smoking – Same as above
  • Drinking – It’s bad for you and your wallet. Cutting down is a huge step forward.
  • Late nights – Sleep is precious; don’t give it up unless you’re gaining something.
  • Shopping – Really consider what you’re buying; you probably don’t NEED it.
  • TV/Netflix/YouTube – Whatever your poison, don’t consume too much of it.

On the flip side of things, gain good habits! Here are some examples that I can attest to:

  • Get Active – Exercise keeps you healthy, improves mood, and helps you think.
  • Reading – Keep your brain active, too. Knowledge is power.
  • Exploring – See something new. Exploration is a key human motivation.
  • Photography – A creative outlet that pays dividends.
  • Meditation – I don’t yet, but there is a lot of research detailing the benefits.
  • Education – Learn CPR. Learn a language. Improve yourself everyday.
  • Philosophy – Open your mind to new ideas. You might just learn about yourself.

Keep improving yourself! Don’t worry if you take a step back, just keep moving forward!




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