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Hi, I’m Mike! I’m a software developer from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Welcome to Toronto Survival Guide! Here you’ll find all sorts of relevant information about travel, finance, frugality, financial independence/early retirement, minimalism and more. The goal of Toronto Survival Guide, beyond spouting off my opinion about topics important to me, is to help educate the average Canadian with the hope of improving their life; even a little.

Right around the time I joined the working world, I fell deeply in love with traveling and it has forever changed my overall outlook on life. Fast forward 4 years, and I’ve become increasingly more interested in leaving the working world as soon as possible so that I can travel further and more often. If I could travel forever, I would.

While traveling I have met people from all around the world from all sorts of circumstances. Many times, the people who have less are happier than those who have so much. This pushed me in the direction of zero waste, frugalness, and drove me to become more environmentally friendly. This change in behaviour has snowballed, compounded by the obvious impact humans (especially those in the western world) are having on our planet. The low impact lifestyle isn’t a fad, it’s a necessity.

A low impact lifestyle, love of travel, and interest in early retirement spurred my interest in become financially fit, and educating myself about the financial world. To my surprise, I like finance and find it fascinating. In my posts, I hope that I can provide valuable insight and recommendations that people can use to take control of their own financial future; whatever their goals.

Thanks again for stopping by.¬†If you’d like to get in touch, please use the form below. Feedback is appreciated!

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Everything you’ll contained within are my own thoughts, opinions, and ideas. My philosophy may change, but I will not change my previous posts, altough I may build on them. Nothing I say should be considered professional guidance, as I don’t have any formal training for anything talked about in Toronto Survival Guide. I am happy to answer questions about the content of Toronto Survival Guide, but all information is provided on an as-is basis.

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